From Water Rescues to Waterfront Homes; Meet Jacey Orion Netzer

February 24, 2024
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Written by Jennifer Bailey, published in the Lake Anna Breeze January 2024

Jacey’s story is one of diverse experiences, from being a successful hairdresser and restaurant owner to a water rescue volunteer and scuba diver. Her roots in a small town near Hershey, Pennsylvania, shaped her love for nature and water. As one of the few women on the water rescue team, she gained a remarkable calm in the face of challenging situations, not to mention a deep respect for the water.
“I have an unnerving calm about being in the water, and a great respect for it,” explained Netzer. “I was trained at the age of 14 to do body search and recoveries. During training you are in dark, murky water all by yourself at the end of a rope with zero visibility. It was really intense, and I learned a lot from it.”
Her deep connection with water led Jacey and her husband, Gary, to Lake Anna, where they spent over a decade as weekenders before making it their full-time residence in 2019. Avid wakeboarders, surfers, and water enthusiasts, the Netzers found their haven at Lake Anna.

Transitioning into her decision to become a real estate agent, Jacey’s journey began in response to physical challenges from her hairdressing career. Recognizing her potential, a hair client became her real estate mentor, setting her on a path where integrity, communication, customer service, and industry knowledge mesh to create a great agent.

Netzer aims to provide support and resources to agents, especially in a post-Covid landscape where offices became less prevalent. Reflecting on the importance of mentorship, she merged with Keller Williams, emphasizing the need for cutting-edge technology in real estate.

“Like going to hair school and then going to work out of your house alone, you’re never going to become a master stylist without mentorship,” she said.

Envisioning The Orion Home Group as a local real estate powerhouse in the next decade, Jacey emphasizes the importance of staying on the cutting edge. Living at Lake Anna, she finds inspiration in the connection with nature, reminiscent of her hometown.

As she navigates the waters of real estate, Jacey aims not only for professional success but also personal growth. Her goal is to build a company that embodies honesty, kindness, hard work, and skill, reflecting the principles of health and wealth. “My passion is doing great real estate, but I also have a passion for health and wealth, and we grow as people in becoming better ourselves.”

Powered by Keller Williams Lakeside, The Orion Home Group goes beyond a real estate venture; it’s a health and wealth company seeking to enrich the lives of agents and clients. With Jacey’s leadership, Lake Anna’s real estate landscape is poised to witness the ascent of a celestial force: The Orion Home Group.

Jacey and Gary have been married for 15 years. She has two sons, Alex, 32, and Gabe, 28, who lives here at Lake Anna.